Regional profiles

Following the ERDM’s first release in autumn 2022, we decided to complement the interactive online map with a more traditional dissemination format. This publication features a collection of all regional profiles for Western EU member states that were designed for the ERDM – and we look forward to publishing Part II on Central and Eastern EU member states. 

This handbook presents profiles for 138 regions in 12 EU-member states in Western and Southern Europe. These regions have independent executives and hold direct elections for a regional assembly. The ERDM features more details on regions with regional democracy in European countries that are not a member of the EU (e.g. Norway, Switzerland, and the UK) as well as for regions without regional democracy.

Download: ‘Regional profiles I: Western Europe

Cite as: Meyer, S., Schakel, A.H., Kindermann, P.A., Wolf, M., and A. Verdoes (2023) ‘Regional Democracy in the EU. Region Profiles I: Western Europe’, European Regional Democracy Map. Vienna; Bergen; Berlin.